Please sign these petitions for Palestine and then forward them to your contacts, post on facebook, tweet etc.

New petitions are added regularly. To have your petition added, email: [email protected]

Sign petition to ask the band Radiohead not to play in Israel

Sign petition to free Palestinian human rights activist Issa Amro.

Posted before 2017 (some may no longer be current):

Tell PayPal to End Its Discrimination Against Palestinians.

►Tell San Francisco State University administrators to uphold their agreement with Palestinian An-Najah University

► Demand UN Protection for Palestinian Human Rights Activists in Hebron.

► Email Congress RIGHT NOW to help 5 Gaza Doctors


Ask World Leaders to Lift the Gaza Blockade.

Demand release of Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour.

► Tell the Israeli military court that posting on Facebook is not a crime.

Send a message to NY Governor Cuomo: Rescind attack on Freedom to Boycott

 Democratic Platform  Committee: Oppose Israel’s illegal settlements.

Fidelity, Tell Airbnb: Stop Profiting from Stolen Homes 

► Tell PEN American Center not to partner with the Israeli Government.

Tell the IRS to Investigate the Charity Status of the JNF.

 Sign the petition: Protect Palestinian human rights defenders.

Tell Santana not to play in Israel. 

► Tell your U.S. Representative: Vote NO on HR 4514!

 Tell the University of California Regents: Anti-Zionism is not Racism!

 Tell Bernie Sanders to Reject AIPAC’s Invitation

Sign petition urging Congress to stand with President Obama in affirming that Israeli-settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank are not Israel. 

 Sign petition urging Oscar nominees to reject the Israeli government propaganda trip.   

 Urge the US Congress to demand that Israel free Mohammed al-Qeeq

 Tell President Obama: Investigate probable human rights violations by Israel

 Demand Airbnb stop listing rentals in Israel’s illegal settlements.

 Tell UAW Leadership: Respect Union Democracy, Solidarity, and the BDS Picket Line

►Call on Congress to end the Israeli-imposed blockade on Gaza.

►Sign petition to Oppose Congressional Attack (H.Res 567)  on EU’s Labeling of Israeli Settlement Goods

► Sign petition supporting Student Workers’ Union Historic BDS vote.

Sign petition telling ReMax to stop selling in Israel’s illegal settlements.

►Tell Congress to Stand Up for Democracy in Israel.

► Petition to 0ppose the Lowey-Roskam-Engel-Royce resolution legitimizing Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Petition asking that Americans be allowed to enter the Gaza strip.

► Tell the UN to drop its contracts with Israeli Occupation prison contractor G4S.

► Tell Congress: Reject Pro-Settlement Provisions on Ex-Im Bank

► Tell the New York times to report accurately and contextually in covering Israel and Palestine.

► Tell MSNBC to stand by maps that accurately show loss of Palestine lands.

► Tell Center for American Progress to disinvite Netanyahu from speaking event.

Tell United Nations to Investigate the Possibility that Israel is Committing the Crime of Genocide Against the Palestinian People.

Tell the president: No more military aid to Israel.

► Sign petition No Weapons for Israel.

►Ask Sacramento Regional Transit to not extend its contract with human rights violator G4S.

► Tell Le Cordon Bleu to End Its Partnership with SodaStream.

► Stop the University of California from banning criticism of Israel.

Sign petition to stop the illegal Separation Barrier.

 Tell Congress: Stand against forced displacement.

► Tell Pres. Obama to have Netanyahu arrested for war crimes.

Tell Kanye West: Don’t be “Heartless — Don’t Play Apartheid Israel!

Tell Pres Obama & UK PM Cameron to stop arming Israeli military units that are violating human rights.

► Bon Jovi, Boycott Israel!

►Sign petition to end the Gaza blockade.

► Sign petition demanding full disclosure for Israel bonds.  

Statement of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.  

► Petition to End Israeli Detention of Palestinian Political Prisoners without Charge or Trial.

► Sign the petition to stop attacks on the Arab Resource Center of San Francisco.

Sign petition joining the Palestinian BDS National Committee in Unwelcoming the Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI), sponsored by Shalom Hartman Institute.

Tell the presidential candidates not to sell out Palestinian rights!

► Tell Congress to hold Israel accountable for using weapons against the Palestinian people in violation of the Arms Export Control Act and the Leahy Law.

►Ask Oprah To Renounce Leviev’s Angolan Blood Diamonds and Israeli Settlements.

 Tell UC President Napolitano and the UC Regents: criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic.

 Tell John Kerry to revise the State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism.

► Tell Connecticut State’s Attorney: Drop all charges against anti-apartheid protesters Daniel Fischer and Gregory Williams.

► Defend Palestine supporters from “anti-Semitism” slander

 Suspend the Israeli Football Association’s FIFA membership until Israel respects the rights of Palestinian football players.

Tell Orange to respect international law and break its links with the Israeli company Partner.

►Take action to challenge Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian children.

Ask Brazilian music stars Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil to cancel Israel concert

► Tell Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to include Israel’s army on the UN list of serious violators of children’s rights.

 Tell Congress to vote NO on Fast Track.

► Ask your Congress members to introduce or co-sponsor the Israeli Settlements are Illegal Act of 2015.

►Sign letter of opposition to SCR 35, another attempt to silence students challenging Israel.

►Tell Congress not to endorse Israel’s annexation of the West Bank.

End the Blockade on Gaza now.

Demand the release of Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar

Tell the University of South Hampton to uphold free speech and allow the conference on Israel and international law to proceed.

Demand that Pitzer College not censor Students for Justice in Palestine.

Tell the Beacon Theater to stand against apartheid and oppression and cancel Idan Raichel’s concert.

► Sign petition telling Obama it is time to sanction Israel.

► Tell the IRS to end tax break subsidies for Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

Tell Facebook to stop running ads selling illegal settlement homes located on land stolen from our friends and families in Palestine.

► Tell RE/MAX: No Open House on Stolen Land!

Tell Musicians don’t play apartheid Israel.

Sign petition to investigate Israeli illegal settler attacks on U.S. diplomats.

Sign petition to Obama & Congress:  Palestinians should be free to join the ICC.

► Tell John Kerry: Peace in Jerusalem requires freedom & equality: click to sign petition.

► Sign the petition to defend Palestine supporters from “anti-semitism” slander.

►  Tell the Sacramento Kings and other NBA teams to take a stand against war crimes and call off their exhibition games with Israeli teams.

Tell White House to follow the Leahy Law.

► Sign to stop the blank check to Israel.

► Tell Congress: Arming Israel Defeats Human Rights.

Drop the Charges against Rasmea Yousef Odeh

► Sign the petition demanding the reinstatement of Palestinian-American Professor Dr. Steven Salaita fired from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for his public criticism of the U.S.-sponsored Israeli massacres in Gaza.

Protest the forced transfer of Palestinian Legislative Council leader Khalida Jarrar.

Sign petition to President Abbas: We Implore You to Join the International Criminal Court and Sign the Rome Treaty Now!

► Sign the petition telling Congress: Shame on You for supporting Israel’s genocide on Gaza.

►  Ask your Senators and Congressional representatives to watch the briefing on Israel’s violence against Palestinian civilians.

Tell Jewish Institutional Leaders: Say No to Israel’s Attack

►  Sign petition: USA: Stop sending weapons to Israel!

Tell CBS to Fire Bob Schieffer for his outrageous tirade against Palestinians. 

►  Sign petition directing Obama and Congress to use all means at their disposal to end the war and lift the economic blockade in Gaza.

Sign petition calling on jazz musicians to boycott Israel.

 Add your name to the call for a military embargo

Sign the letter to six key banks asking them to pull out of Israel.

► Sign the letters to Obama & Congress from US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation demanding they hold Israel accountable for brutality towards Palestinians and U.S. citizens.

Sign the Code Pink petition to Obama & Congress demanding a ceasefire now.

► Sign the Move-On petition calling for a ceasefire now.

Sign the petition to the White House to Freeze all aid to Israel until it complies with International Law and human rights.

Sign open letter from Jewish Voice for Peace to be published in Ha’aretz that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is the root cause of the crisis.

Sign petition to the U.N. and European parliament demanding that Israel stop collective punishment against Palestinians.

► Sign the petition demanding that Israel’s apartheid wall come down now.

  Sign the petition asking Hewlett Packard to cancel its contracts with the Israeli government.

 Sign the petition asking the Rolling Stones to cancel their show in Tel Aviv.

►  Sign the petition to protect lawyers fighting for prisoners’ rights in Palestine.

►  Email Ellen Degeneres and tell her not to promote SodaStream[email protected] or click to email from her website.

►  Sign the petition to tell San Francisco State University administrators to protect academic freedom and end harassment of faculty who speak out for Palestinian rights.

►  Sign the petition telling the Israeli lobby it is time for an honest discussion about Palestine.

►  Sign the petition to the United Nations  calling for an end to the blockade and for freedom of movement of the people of Palestine’s Gaza strip.

►   Sign the petition to Ask NBC to NOT support Israeli apartheid by filming a new TV series in occupied east Jerusalem.

► Starbucks is considering buying into SodaStream ask them not to. 

► Support effort at Univ. of Calif. Davis to divest from the Israeli occupation:  sign the petition.

 Sign the petition asking the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to divest from G4S, a private security company that is complicit in Israel’s illegal detention and torturing of Palestinians.

Sign the petition calling on U.S. lawmakers to withhold weapons to Israel.

Endorse the Marseille Declaration for Palestinian Water Rights.

Sign the petition asking Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to Northeastern University to end their relationships with SodaStream and its distributor EcoStream.

Sign the petition protesting Columbia College’s decision to cancel a course section about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

►  Tell the international football league, the FIFA, to suspend the Israeli Football Association’s FIFA membership:  click for petition.    This petition was initiated following the January 2014 shooting of two young Palestinian soccer players by Israeli soldiers.

► Please sign the petition to save the Palestinian village of Susya from destruction by Israel.

►  Sign the petition to Stop the Jewish National Fund (JNF) from receiving charitable tax exemption for discrimination including participating in the forced displacement of 30,000 Bedouin Palestinians, and isolation of another 40,000, from their lands.

► Sign the national petition asking chain stores to stop selling SodaStream.  Then forward it to your friends, family, colleagues, etc and ask them to sign.  For sample message, email: [email protected]

Resolved or no longer current:

Ask President Obama to recognize Palestine and allow it to join the UN as a full member.

Sign petition asking John Kerry to stand up for Issa Amro.

Ask Pres. Obama to investigate the murder of West Bank Palestinian Mahmoud Shaalan.

 Tell Secretary John Kerry: the U.S. must intervene to stop attacks on human rights activists!

►Urgent: Tell Sec. of State John Kerry to take action to save the village of Susiya.

► Urge Secretary of State Kerry to press the Netanyahu government not to attack the Gaza flotilla.

► Ask  Lauryn Hill not to play Israel’s Sun City.  Lauryn Hill canceled her Tel Aviv concert.

►  NBC agreed to reinstate Ayman Mohyeldin, who  personally witnessed the Israeli military’s killing of four Palestinian boys on a Gaza beach.  Jewish voice for Peace petition and  Move-on petition.

The Presbyterian Church voted to support a selective divestment  from companies that participate in Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Here is the petition

► The petition asking Northeastern University to re-instate the Students for Justice in Palestine organization and drop all charges against its members succeeded! Past petitions:

 Sign the petition to ask your Congressional representative to attend a hearing addressing Israel’s discriminator practices on May 21 in Wash DC.

► Join Nobel laureates Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire and Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker in signing the petition to Pope Francis to publicly call on Israel to end its violations of human rights and international law:

► Tell U.S. Congress not to attend Netanyahu’s speech.
 Tell Congress Boycott Bibi’s Bluster.